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Dark clouds fill the sky, Storms rollin in again, and I find myself missing my friend. You have gone away too soon, yet i know your strength ran out.  Our memories will stay with me forever, you always knew just what to say, your so clever. I wipe my tears and here you say, "stay strong, keep pushin on".  Ill live this life, your spirit by my side. Disease is just a word until you live last breath, to you, id give it. Deaths a part of life they say, but i still cant believe youve gone away. So many dreams left astray, what i wouldnt give for just one more day. The music of your soul beats within me, your legacy will never end. Not a day goes by, i wont miss you my friend.  May you find peace in your final resting place, in Gods hands, you can relax now, your safe. Dont worry about me, ill be here, staying strong and pushin on. RIP Uncle Randy

Written by Writing My Release 11-8-12

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Posted on 02:00AM on Dec 7th, 2012
A lovely tribute.
Posted on 09:26AM on Jan 24th, 2015
I'm sorry for your sounds like he was a great guy. Most importantly in this life is to be appreciated and loved, which he received from you, and he will live on in your memory. No one could ask for a better legacy than that. : )
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